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You’ll find on this site what 95% of players are using for ears and packages. If it’s not on the site, it’s because the sound signature of the missing product copies one of the products that is.

Westone, Shure, Future Sonics & Mipro cover the bases for 95% of all performing musicians. And in my 20+ years of selling ears, President of a regional sound company and National Sales Manager of Aurisonics (before Fender Bought them) these companies are the best at taking care of any problems that might arise, very important.

If you’re a guy/gal that prefers to only make a purchase like this once, you’ve come to the right place.

I'd also say, if you can't afford to do it right, keep saving. If you buy junk - your life on stage will suck!

There’s not one earphone that’s perfect for everyone. Each player has different needs, focus, hears things differently and has different shaped ear canals. When someone tells you that their earphone is the best, it probably is for them (maybe not you).

Feel free to give me a call and we’ll discuss your requirements, Mike - cell 513.375.3302 or mikevolkerding@gmail.com


FCS210 Dual Driver Dynamic Driver $129

Mipro MI909 Digital Wireless System $659 Includes quite a few things thrown in

Crest XR18 16 Channel IEM Console with Built In Splitter $699

Buy Future Sonics Earphones at InEarGear.com

Future Sonics G10

10mm Dynamic IEM