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Crest Audio X 18-RM $699 + $35 Shipping

16 Channels / 12 Sends / Built In Splitter

In In Monitor Mixing Console with built in splitter

Crest Audio X 18-RM. The Crest Audio(r) X-Series(tm) is regarded as the most sonically accurate and operationally quiet, professional-level rack-mountable console range in the audio industry. With high-end performance and rock-solid construction, the XSeries features a modular design and an extensive feature set suitable for any application. Available in main and monitor configurations, X-Series models feature up to 14 mono and four stereo inputs. Long-throw faders, versatile four-band semi-parametric EQ, channel inserts and high-quality microphone preamplifiers are standard. The X 18R and X 20R consoles have six configurable aux buses and three main buses that provide plenty of front-of-house mixing configurations, while the X 18RM and X 20RM have up to 12 mono or six stereo mix buses for floor or in-ear monitoring.
• 16 Channel - 14 mono inputs + 2 stereo inputs, all with mic preamps and individual 48V phantom power switches
• Built in splitter system on all 20 XLR mic/line inputs with ground lift switches on each input channel
• 12 monitor buses that can be configured mono or stereo in pairs
• Additional "stereo common input" for sending click or reference tracks to artists on all 12 buses
• Four-band mid sweep EQ for mono and stereo input channels
• 18 dB per octave high-pass filter on mono input channels
• Fully balanced XLR outputs and XLR balanced bus inputs
• Solo link system compatible with other X-Series rack mixers
• 10-space rackmount configuration

Crest XRM18 $734 Delivered Lower 48 USA

Here's my weekend Band's Rig using a Crest w/Mipro MI909 Ear Rigs

I've had this XRM racked for 8+ years - Perfect performance. Great EQ section for tuning your sound. Have a look at the video below for set up tips.