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"The G10's really put a smile on my face..." 
- Frank Wells, Pro Sound News


"I was definitely wowed by the sound quality..."

- JJ Jenkins, Front of House


"Bassy done right..."

- Headphonia


"The G10's are one of the best, if not the best in the world..."
- TotallyDubbed

Spectrum Series™ G10
Universal Fit Professional Earphones

Future Sonics® is pleased to introduce our latest innovation that features the next generation of our award winning audio signature; Spectrum Series™ model G10 universal-fit professional personal monitors.

Offering the industry’s most natural listening experience for live, studio, broadcast, and worship applications, the new Spectrum Series™ model G10 creates an incredibly smooth ultra wide-spectrum sound in a micro-sized, more efficient, and armature-free infrastructure. Inspired by Philadelphia’s legendary music culture, Spectrum Series™ celebrates the innovative spirit that combines artistry and audio with Future Sonics’ new technologies in professional personal monitoring. Attention to detail is at the forefront of all aspects of the Future Sonics® Spectrum Series™ with a focus on producing the finest audio signature for the most demanding music professionals.

Spectrum Series™ represents a classic example of intelligent and thoughtful design that continues to be the Future Sonics legacy. Spectrum Series™ professional personal monitors provide superior performance not found in any other product, or at any price. Unlike multi-driver armature (hearing aid-type) configurations or so-called "hybrid" earphones, there are no electronic or comb filtering artifacts, no phase issues, and no crossover dropouts to provide a perfectly balanced, natural and more realistic sound you can feel with a true sense of the audio’s energy.
• New energy efficient miniature dynamic transducer and voice coil technologies
• New proprietary 32 Ohm 10mm system designed and manufactured by Future Sonics
• New beautiful micro-profile structure with a durable applied metallic finish for extended wear and a refined professional style
• New intuitive tactile thumb-placement guides on each earpiece indicate left and right – in even the darkest conditions
• New Future Sonics® braided cable system offers outstanding sound quality, strength, and durability with minimal microphonics
• Incredibly smooth, natural, signature sound producing ultra-wide spectrum audio
• Multiple fit options include ComfortFit™ foam and EarFills™ silicone sleeves –including sizes for children – offering a more secure connection with the earpiece
• Optional upgrade to custom-fit SofterWear™ sleeves (at an additional cost plus ear impressions by an authorized audiologist or hearing professional)

The Power of 1™
Future Sonics has unique voice coil and dynamic transducer technologies that provide a smooth, natural HD audio signature - one that is structurally moisture resistant, always in phase, and with energy that you can feel. Why count drivers when you can listen instead and spend the time being one with your music.

Spectrum Series™ represents a classic example of intelligent and thoughtful design that continues to be the Future Sonics legacy. Spectrum Series™ professional personal monitors provide superior performance not found in any other product, or at any price.

Unlike multi-driver armature (hearing aid-type) configurations or so-called "hybrid" earphones, there are no electronic or comb filtering artifacts, no phase issues, and no crossover dropouts to provide a perfectly balanced, natural and more realistic sound you can feel with a true sense of the audio’s energy.

Bigger Sound at Lower Volume™
Future Sonics professional audio products are recognized by H.E.A.R.® as offering the full range of sound and performance at even the lowest volumes. Future Sonics continues to support hearing education and conservation as they have for more than a quarter–century.

• Future Sonics® proprietary 32 Ohm 10mm Dynamic Transducers
• 18 Hz – 20,000 Hz Frequency Response
• Sensitivity 113 dB at 30 Hz
• Up to -29 dB Ambient Noise Reduction
• 3.5mm (1/8”) Gold Stereo Mini-Plug Connector
• 1.27m (50”) Cabling
For Use With :
• Concert Stage
• Recording Studio
• Houses of Worship
• Broadcast
• iPod®, MP3 Digital Media Players
• Laptop Computers, Portable DVD Players
• Playstation®, GameCube® & most other game systems
Features & Specifications:
• NEW G10™ 10mm Proprietary Dynamic Drivers
• 18 Hz - 20,000 Hz Frequency Response
• 32ohm Impedance
• Sensitivity 113db @ 30 Hz/1mW
• Up to -29db Ambient Noise Rejection (A.N.R™)
• 50" / 1.27m Reduced Microphonics Cabling
• Standard 1/8" (3.5mm) Gold Stereo Mini-Plug Connector
• 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
• Ultra-Wide Spectrum Audio
• Reinforced Tubular Strain Relief
• Intuitive Thumb Placement Design (LT & RT)
• Micro-Profile & Ultra-Lightweight Design
• 100% Armature & Crossover Free Technology
• Multiple Fit Options
Each Package Includes:
• 1 Pr. Spectrum Series™ G10 Professional Earphones
• 2 Pr. ComfortFit™ Foam Sleevs - Large
• 2 Pr. ComfortFit™ Foam Sleevs - Small
• 1 Pr. Earfills™ Silicone Sleeves - Large
• 1 Pr. Earfills™ Silicone Sleeves - Medium
• 1 Pr. Earfills™ Silicone Sleeves - Small
• 1 Spectrum Series™ Carrying Case
• Loop Cleaning Tool
• Spectrum Series™ G10 User Manual
Spectrum Series™ G10 is Available In:
Gunmetal Gray - P/N 010-070

More than thirty years ago Marty Garcia, founder and CEO, developed the first personal monitor earphones and systems. It is Marty's / Future Sonics dedication to the performers, attention to service and “hands on” approach that continues to provide the finest products delivering confidence and consistency to every application. Future Sonics and the Ear Monitors® Brand were founded on the idea that you can promote long and healthy careers by relieving vocal fatigue while reducing stage volume and in turn preserving the musicians' hearing. This idea paired with excellence in audio quality and unparalleled service carries over into all aspects of the company and its future products.

Future Sonics designs and manufactures its own award-winning MG line of dynamic transducer used in all of its earpieces. This proprietary miniature full range transducer technology is what sets Future Sonics apart from other personal monitor and earphone companies. Their dedication to the finest audio quality, reliability and personal service continues to shine for major tours, venues, artists, engineers, broadcasting and houses of worship worldwide.

Mike & Rudy at a NAMM Show California

Rudy Garcia President Future Sonics & Mike Volkerding InEarGear

Softerwear Sleeves Custom Molds for Future Sonics G10 & Atrio $169 Delivered

Custom Molds for Future Sonics G10 & Atrio
Custom Molds for Future Sonics G10 & Atrio

SofterWear™ custom-fit sleeves

These will fit the following products

Future Sonics Spectrum Series™ G10 & Atrio® Professional Personal Monitors

 Turn your Spectrum Series™ G10 or Atrio® ''Universal Fit'' earphones into ''Custom Fit'' earphones . Made from super
soft medical grade silicone, these easy to clean sleeves replace the foam and dual flange sleeves that come standard
with universal fit earpieces. Our latest development in better fitting, more comfortable materials. Now, performers and engineers as well as Audiophiles can get into custom fit products at a fraction of the normal cost. A more affordable option for those who want the benefits of custom fit products; as a backup to our Ear Monitors® Brand or as a ''stepping stone'' to those products and systems.

• Because each set of SofterWear™ custom-fit sleeves are completely custom made for each individual
by hand, you will need to have Ear Impressions taken by a licensed Audiologist.

Custom Molds for Future Sonics G10 & Atrio

If you wish to move forward on a set of SofterWear Sleeves, here’s how we’ll do it. First step is to click the PayPal link and make the purchase.

Next - get impressions made by an ear doctor in your area. Ear Doctors normally charge about $20-$25 an ear to make the impressions. Tell the ear Doctor that you want to schedule an appointment to have impressions made for in ear monitors.  

Tell the doc, “Open Mouth and Past the Second Bend.”

I’ll have you send your completed impressions directly to Future Sonics. I will email Future Sonics the purchase order with all your information. The form will tell Future Sonics to bill me for your molds.

When the molds are completed, Future Sonics will ship them directly to you if you are in the USA. Turn around time at Future Sonics once they have the PO and impressions, is normally one to two weeks (maybe a little longer around NAMM Shows).

If you are outside the USA, on the form put ship to Freq City Sound and I will ship to you.

Dynamic VS Armature Drivers

  Written by an opinionated Mike Volkerding President Freq City Sound & Lighting, Inc. 

Many of you know that I've been a proponent of Dynamic drivers over armature drivers for many years. I was introduced to dynamic drivers by Rudy Garcia at Future Sonics. Now keep in mind, what I write here is fact with my opinion added. I'm an old rock 'n roll dude who likes band stuff (bass and a drummer kinda acts). If your instrument is the flute I would suggest an armature like the Westone UM20Pro or the Shure SE425. But if your crowd’s heads bobs up and down when your band plays, read on. 

What's the difference between an Armature & a Dynamic Driver? 

An Armature driver is very small transducer. In our lives it has primarily been used in the hearing aid market. Recently, they have gained popularity as in-ear monitors. You'll hear them called dual driver, three way, four way etc,. Armature ears moves no air so they don't need an air-port like a dynamic. Mids and highs can be more detailed. However, armatures have always lacked low-end. Manufactures attempt to cure the missing low end by combining several Balanced Armatures together, adding multiple crossovers and tricky chambers. All of which, arguably doesn't sound as natural as a single dynamic. Also adding all that technology opens us up for phasing and time alignment issues. 

A dynamic driver actually being a speaker moves air. A dynamic offers a more coherent and powerful sound. You don't just hear the sound - you feel it! You feel the energy and get bone induction. I'm a singer and own Westone's dual and three way molds. I later got into the Future Sonics mold with a 13mm dynamic. Of course the dynamic has more ass but I also noticed, with the armature driver ears, throughout the course of the night, I'd be turning up. One of the pluses of ears is to save ours. Turning up - not so good. With the dynamic - Feeling the sound - I never turned up all night (better on the ears). 

The dynamic is a warmer sound where as my 2 and 3 ways are a bit brittle and glassy on the high end in comparison. Years back, I switched from Stats and Les Pauls to a Parker Fly. It took me a year to finally realize "Why does a guitar have to sound like a Les Paul or a Strat?" Same with earphones. We get use to that brittle top end of the armatures and that's the deal. Well it's not! Get use to a dynamic and the highs are warm and smooth. When I put my three-way in my ear at band practice, I have to adjust to it's harshness and bite compared to my molded stage dynamic. 

Who would like an armature? 

I'd say blue grass bands, female singers that don't want much low end in your mix, symphony musicians that are concentrated on the higher registers, anyone who doesn't really need or like to feel the low end. Audiophile guys that want a flat sound like the recording engineer mixed in the studio should lean to an armature. Dynamics will present more lows which might not be for you. I just thought of trumpet, sax but I think a dynamic's warmth would be the way to go there. 

A good dynamic driver costs more than three of the little armatures. It's hard for some to wrap their hands around 1 vs. 3,4,5,6 or whatever the hell they're up to now. To be honest, when I went from 2 way to 3 in the molded armatures, I never heard a difference. I've heard the same from several other regional touring guys. There's no way I'd hear a difference in a 4, 5 or 6 way! When you're standing in front of a PA system and it's kicking your ass. Can you tell if it's one, two, three, four way? Nope, you just know it sounds really good. The rest is selling hype. All the national and regional touring acts we do sound for ask for bi-amped wedges. For the last ten years, I've put full range wedges in front of them. They sound real good. Never has an act said, "is that a 2 way system"?