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JTS PMM4 Four Channel In-Ear Monitor Mixer w/ Built in Splitter $299

JTS PMM4 Four Channel IEM Mixer
4 channel IEM Mixer

This device allows you to plug a mic or an instrument into the front. And then Split out of the back to your FOH stage Box. The FOH guy gets your signal to do with as he pleases. But you now have that signal in your personal monitor mixer to determine how much you would like to hear. You can also pan right or left if you would like to run a stereo IEM Mix. You have 4 of these ins and outs.

Four inputs, all dual XLR/TRS, give you the freedom to mix four separate stage elements on your own without constantly having to either walk over to a mixer or flag down the sound tech to have him change your monitor mix.

As a singer/instrumentalist you could have your voice and two other instruments plugged into the PMM4, as well as an AUX feed from the main mixer; this would contain your monitor mix of everything else on stage. This way you can dial in more or less of yourself compared to everything else that's on stage. Get your own voice/instrument as loud or quiet in your mix as you want, right there, no waiting. 

Ideal for In-ear Monitor usage or to send a signal from the PMM4 into a stage wedge. You can plug IEMs directly into the PMM4 or send the signal to a hard-wired belt pack or wireless IEM transmitter.

The PMM4 is also ideal for studio situations where the performer wants more direct control over what they're hearing in their headphones, whether it’s their own voice, instrument, another musician or a click-track. 

The PMM4 has four channels, each with its own Volume and Pan knob. The back panel has four XLR outputs that are sent to the FOH mixer. There is two 1/4" output jacks (Left and Right) to be used send the signal to your IEM, transmitter or stage wedge. There are also two additional AUX inputs that are used to take input from a secondary PMM4. 

JTS PMM4 Four Channel IEM Mixer

Mount JTS PMM4 in one rack space