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SofterWear custom-fit sleeves for

Future Sonics for G10 & Atrio   

Turn your Spectrum Series™ G10 or Atrio® ''Universal Fit'' earphones into ''Custom Fit'' earphones . Made from super 

soft medical grade silicone, these easy to clean sleeves replace the foam and dual flange sleeves that come standard 
with universal fit earpieces. Our latest development in better fitting, more comfortable materials. Now, performers and engineers as well as Audiophiles can get into custom fit products at a fraction of the normal cost. A more affordable option for those who want the benefits of custom fit products; as a backup to our Ear Monitors® Brand or as a ''stepping stone'' to those products and systems.

• Because each set of SofterWear™ custom-fit sleeves are completely custom made for each individual 
by hand, you will need to have Ear Impressions taken by a licensed Audiologist. 

Custom Molds for Future Sonics G10 & Atrio
custom molded sleeves for Future Sonics G10 & Atrio