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AM Pro 20 Dual-Driver Universal Ambient-Port In-Ear Monitors are designed for professional stage-monitoring applications and feature Westone's exclusive SLED technology, which incorporates an ambient port that allows performers to hear and feel the energy and input from the audience, fellow performers, and their stage surroundings.

Westone AM Pro 20 $339.00

3-Way in ear monitors with ambient

Westone AM Pro 30 $439.99

While universal-fit ear tips can provide a good fit for just about anyone, you can improve the comfort and fit of universal monitors with a pair of Westone UM56 custom earpieces. The Westone UM56 is comparable in size to the tips provided with most universal-fit musicians’ monitors, but ensure the comfort and seal that only a custom-fit product can provide. Ear impressions are required to order all Westone Custom products.

Westone UM56 Mold $177 

The UM1’s balanced-armature drivers are significantly more compact and efficient than traditional dynamic drivers. By combining multiple balanced-armature drivers with sophisticated crossover networks, the UM1 provides enhanced sonic detail and a frequency range that extends beyond typical in-ear solutions.

Westone UM1 $79

the UM Pro 20 features two proprietary, balanced-armature drivers, with a passive crossover. The dual balanced-armature driver design, delivers robust low end and crystal clear highs, with all the detail and nuance that musicians have come to expect from a professional in-ear monitor.

Westone UM20Pro $299

Westone UM Pro 30 are a pair of in-ear headphones designed for onstage personal monitoring. They utilize a three-balanced-armature-driver design along with a three-way crossover that smoothly balances the low-, mid-, and high-frequency audio to deliver a frequency response of 20 Hz to 18 kHz at a sensitivity of 124 dB SPL.

Westone UM30Pro $399

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