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Hey Guys, Over the next year, I'm going to consolidate the InEarGear and LiveSoundGear websites all over to the Freq City Sound site. Please click the logo to the right and bookmark Freq City for everything under one banner - As always, thanks for your support, Mike Volkerding


Best bang for the buck earphone on the market today.

FCS-H3 Hybrid Three-Way In Ear Monitor $149 Delivered

A question that I hear a lot is, What are the best earphones? If you post the question, you will get 100 different answers. All claiming what they spent $500 on is the best! Theses individuals have limited experience except with ONE set of earphones and they have five hundred reasons why what they purchased is the best. 

There is NO such animal. The best for you might not be the best for someone else.  Each player has a different set of needs and there is not one earphone that covers them all. Call me and we'll walk through your instrument, vocal and music style, stage volume level, what you want in your mix etc. Then we’ll come up with the best earphone for you

     Mipro MI-58 5.8GHz IEM System $499                Hard-wired In-Ear Monitor Systems                     FCS11B Bass Player IEM $129                 Westone IEMs In Stock

Mipro MI-58 Wireless In Ear Monitor System
Bass players obsess over their amps, endlessly debating the merits of brands, configurations, size, strings, pick-ups, active, non-active and nearly every other conceivable detail. Yet, when it comes to the average show of decent size, the audience hears a DI. I maintain that your in-ear monitor quality is a decisive factor in a your performance. The FCS11B will let you hear and feel the nuances of your bass to allow you to be more comfortable and creative.  Drawback though, you'll be able to hear it when you need new strings.

                   NEW Westone MACH30                           Shure SE215 CL $79 Delivered                                                          Westone PRO X30

Recent Emails from Clients:

Hello Mike How are you?
I am writing to you because I need four more FCS11B IEMs. I let the other band members try them and they were really impressed with the quality and definition of the sound. The bass player has chosen you as his "personal hero" , cos this is the first time he hear his bass right, with no lack of low freqs! the same goes for the keyboard player, who asked me to order 2. Our singer was unable to use IEMs before, causing hearing fatigue and tinnitus due to excessive high frequencies (Shure). With the FCS she does up to three hours of rehearsals, without any problem.

I look forward to your reply. Best, Max (Italy)

FCS11B bass series really deliveries. Great sound, no ear fatigue after 4-hour gig. Worth 5x the price!! Truly an upgrade from my Shure IEMs. Cannot say enough, highly recommended. Mark Strong

Hi Mike, I am looking at buying my 2nd pair of your FCS11B. That said I’m going to be doing a summer run on bass. Order placed, the group I’m doing this run-on bass with has a JH audio endorsement and these guys complain about their ears all the time. You have the best bang for the buck. N Stone

“As a professional musician, (Percussion, Keys, Drums, Studio) I’ve found the FCS11B IEM’s to be a very powerful tool for live and studio applications. Snug fit for good isolation, long cord for tangle free movement and a great sonic balance. Well-built and nicely packaged. They are a great value!”  ~ Frank McGucken (Madrigal Percussionist)

“I love the sound of my FCS11B IEM’s! They have great low-end response, and they fit my ears perfectly. I use them both on and off stage.” - Josh Weinstein (Kat Wright, Burlington VT)

I play Bass in a band called Cheat ’n on Tucker and we recently made the switch to IEMs.  However, none of the brands that I tried at first gave me that low end sound that I needed to perform my best. After going through 4 or 5 different brands, I finally found the FCS 11 by Freq City Sound. Game. Changer. They are the bomb! The FCS 11’s have the perfect sound necessary for Drummers and Bass players to stay tight when they need it most.  If you’re looking for the low-end answer to the IEM question, these bad boys are it. 10/10. 

Craig Glazebrook / Bass player with Cheat ‘n on Tucker


I'm using the 11B's and love them! Great fit with the wide selection of tips included.

Richer, more clear bass than my Shure SE's in custom molds, and I'm finding I can now run at a more comfortable volume level and have zero ear fatigue after use.   "Exactly as described in description" is cliché but spot on for the FCS11B's!

Mark / Bass - Middle Age Man Band   Cincinnati, OH


"Several years ago, I bought the FCS210's and have loved them.  Received the FCS11B's for Christmas and put the 210’s away as spares.  The additional driver size work great for me and easily rival name brands priced 2-3 times more."  Dr. Nick Swink, church & freelance bassist Tipp City Ohio

Hi Mike,
the FCS-11 In-Ear Monitors arrived today. Wow! these are the best sounding iems I have heard by far. I am glad I did not go for the bass enhanced FCS11Bass, as these are perfect. The bass is massive but not boomy. The mids and highs are perfect and overall, they take eq well. If I want a different sound signature. One other great thing I have noticed is that the sound does not change when I move my head or open my mouth, both things that other iems I have tried are very prone to do. The FCS-11 is very consistent. They also don't irritate my tinnitus, which is a blessing.

Most of the tips you sent sound great, I've settled so far on the double flange that were on the phones when I received them.

Thanks, I will be recommending these to my musician friends. Cheers,

Ambrose / Toronto, Canada /Toronto Improvisor's Orchestra, Crash Vegas, The Polka Dogs

Freq City Sound (Parent Company of In Ear Gear) Has had the honor of working with some fantastic performers. I share this to add a bit of credibility to my presentations of products. Click any of the pics to view the larger list.

Grand Funk Railroad                                                                  Huey Lewis & The News                                                       Mike & Stevie Wonder