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There are a lot of custom mold options on the market today. I've been selling them for 20+ years. I listen to all of the new options each year at NAMM. The Westone ES20 and ES30 for armature driver molds and the Future Sonics MG5 & MG6 series dynamic drivers are still the top sellers and performers in the market today. Please give me a call so we can discuss your style of music and how you would like to hear it. There's not one product perfect for everyone's needs. I'll ask you a series of questions and one of these manufacturers product will become the front runner to take your game to the next level.

Mike - 513.375.3302

  The dual-driver Westone ES20 provides a great balance of full sound and price. 


Future Sonics MG5 HXTM 10mm (Helix vent)

Future Sonics MG5

10mm Proprietary Voice Coil design Dynamic Transducer

20Hz - 20,000Hz Response


MG6 HXTM13mm (Helix vent), MG6 FX 13mm (Faceplate vent)

Future Sonics MG6

13mm Proprietary Voice Coil design Dynamic Transducer

18Hz - 20,000Hz  Response


Westone ES30   A well-balanced, true three-driver system, the ES30 is silky smooth across all  frequencies.